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Looking for the Colorado Springs store?
It Smells SOY Good
is located at 4839 Barnes Road
(cross street Oro Blanco by Diamond Shamrock and Car Wash)

Open Saturdays 10-7 MT
Come on by - Sniffs are FREE!

Thank you Colorado Springs Gazette
for featuring D-n-D Ranch Aromas
as your November National Candle Month candle store:

November not only starts the Holiday Season,
but it's also
National Candle Month.

Check out our Fabulous Fall Fragrances
for just the right fall-themed scent
to bring the outside inside.

Celebrate National Candle Month -
and take 10% OFF at checkout
with ColorMeFall coupon code.

At the D-n-D Ranch, we burn candles every day,
all year long and we make it easy for you
to enjoy your favorite scents
every day too
with our Scented Candle of the Month Club.


"My daughter gave me the gift of 'candle of the month' for my birthday.
I am a 'candle addict,' usually using Yankee Candle. A few days ago I received
my first gift of the scent 'farmers favorite.' I am seriously amazed at how strong
and beautiful the scent is. I went from a candle lit in every room
to just the one downstairs! Much respect to your cause
as I also love animals. Im a true fan."
- Suzanne

"We are huge fans of the Candle of the Month club! Great candles, they last forever,
and they smell fantastically strong. And we love that they come
wrapped nicely every single month!"
- Tom


When you buy D-n-D Ranch Aromas products,
you are directly supporting the more than 30 animals,
mostly rescues, that live at the D-n-D Animal Sanctuary.
Thank you for your patronage.

Vegan Friendly Products!

Scent Lovers .... you've come to the right place for
long-lasting, seriously scented
soy candles and soy wax melts
plus bath and body products in fantastic fragrances.
At D-n-D Ranch Aromas, there's a Scent for Everyone!

We offer scented candles & melts for everyday use
along with all holiday and special occasions.
Bath & body products too!

Customize & personalize too. Just ask.

◊ Hand poured with pride
Quality wax ◊ Soy/Vegetable blendLead-free wicks
◊ Seriously scented, long-lasting candles & scent drops
Bath & body products


ALL scented
& wax melts,
bath &

10% off


coupon code

- use it at checkout.

Candle o' the Month

Join our Candle o' the Month Club and get
D-n-D Ranch Aromas scented candles
all year long!


Goin’ Quackers
Goin’ Quackers

Candlefind Review

Thank you for the Great Review:

The labels are "so adorable that I would probably buy these little devils for the cute factor."

"The candles were easy - no maintenance involved. They made a full melt pool with no soot and no wick trimming. Brainless! I love it!"

"This is another fun find! The candles, though they are cute, clever and even a bit humorous do not kid around when it comes to scenting." tests candles & posts unbiased reviews for its candle-loving readers.